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Stand a chance to win R20 000 in cash prizes and more!
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"There is a moment in my client’s journey that they realise that they can conquer and do things that they never thought they could. This is the moment when the hard work from both sides pay off and the easiest choice is to continue with the journey. This realisation takes over like a wave that influences every aspect of their outlook on life!


Bodies changing are purely the cherry on top. Lives changing is my forte.


I’m a business woman and a mother of 2 boys. I understand that life can be extremely busy and hard at times. Join me as we equip your body with the energy, strength, and health to handle and enjoy life to its fullest.


The Vida Fit team would love to take your hand through the journey to FEEL BETTER in your own life"


2023 is YOUR year!
How do I know?
Because the FEEL BETTER Challenge is here!

This year we are not only aiming to look better! We are aiming to FEEL Better! And when better to start than at the beginning of the year? Let's ride this energy of improvement all the way to your dream body! Not one that only has killer abs and biceps! But a body that moves with you and is fuelled by food that energises and empowers it! 
I know how important it is to start strong so your whole year follows suit—which is why you’ll find my best workouts, my most powerful inspirations, and my tastiest healthy meals in the FEEL better challenge!

NO food deprivation
NO hours of cardio
NO burn out or boredom

This year we are changing your life the right way! 


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Male and Females welcome

Fitness Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Program Duration: 8 weeks

Time Per Workout: 30 minute & 60 minute workout options

Equipment Required (only for at home): Therabands are the minimum requirement, 1kg / 2kg / 3kg Dumbbells.

What’s Included:


  • Choose between the lose weight or build lean muscle program

  • Both gym & home programs - you decide what works for you!

  • 30 - 60 minute workout options, with video demonstrations for every single exercise

  • New workout routines every week to keep things fun and avoid plateau

  • Workouts are adaptable between 3 - 5 training days, and can fit in your schedule

Meal Plans:

  • We have partnered with FitChef to make your food journey extremely simply during your 8 weeks. The FitChef meal plan includes 49 meals and 18 drinks for you to enjoy during the challenge

  • If you choose to not take the FitChef meal option we will give you a full eating guide to help you build a better relationship with food during the 8-week challenge.


  • A chance to win R20 000 in cash prizes and more! The winner will be chosen by the Vida Fit community as the person who had the best Feel Better Transformation!

  • Join our WhatsApp community for support and check ins!

  • 10% of all proceeds goes to the Door of Hope charity!


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