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Debunking the Top 6 Dangerous Myths in Fitness

Let’s kill the myths! It always amuses me how something can be the next best thing, and everyone is following that, just so that it becomes a ‘bad’ thing after a couple of months or years. For example, we will all hop onto a new trend or a new diet or a new way of training.

And it will be the best thing invented with the best results and effects on your body

and then 2 or 3 years passes, and the opposite is proved.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

1. Weight loss pills

Oh, don’t we just LOVE the easy and quick way to results? Delayed gratification is

not high on the priority list these days. The problem with diet pills is that a lot of

them do give you the quick result BUT it comes with BAD effects and results later.

Let me quickly set the record straight on this one. Have you heard about the saying,

easy comes, easy goes. This was written for a diet pill.

So, purely from a result perspective. The quick and easy result you might get from it

today is going to double your weight tomorrow. The reasons for this are because of

the damage it causes to your metabolism and lots of other organs in your body and

the fact that you did not create long lasting healthy habits.

The serious part of this is the real damage it can cause to your body. We are talking

about things like, risk for stroke or heart attack. High blood pressure, sleeplessness

(which will make you gain weight in the long run), liver damage and so much more….

2. Waist Trainers

What a piece of rubbish!! The problem with this one, was that the celebrities hopped

on this band wagon, and everyone followed. Let’s just use our brains for 2

seconds…. Have your legs EVER been skinner after wearing those jeans that you

had to jump in from the roof to get into them???? Then WAY would a waist trainer

work??? So, let me tell you about the nasty side effects of a waist band. No 1, you

are weakening your abdominal muscles which will not only results in NO six pack but

can cause server back problems because of your weaken core muscles. No 2, It can

crush your internal organs together. No 3, It can limit blood flow and oxygen to those

internal organs… None of this sounds like a clever plan to me.

3. Sauna Suits

First of all, losing water and being lighter on the scale because of this, has absolutely

NOTHING to do with you losing actual weight. It’s purely the amount of water that is

in your body that moves the numbers on the scale and that can differ every single

day. Here are the damages this thing that does absolutely nothing sustainable for

your weight can cause: It can lead to electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, and

overheating. The irony is that you need electrolytes and hydration to lose effective

weight. Again, it makes no sense to me.

4. Extreme carb cutting

This is a more difficult one. Here it is essential that you understand what is okay

here and what is not... Cutting out ALL carbs can lead to a raising risk for certain

cancers. You at risk of developing vitamins and mineral deficiency which can lead to

a lot of health problems such as gastrointestinal problems and bone density loss.

So which carbs do I NEED, and which carbs can I cut to lose weight?

All processed carbs like candies, cookies, pasta, bread, processed foods… Those

you can cut 100% without any side effects if you would want to.

But, cutting out all carbs in your fruit and vegetables are NOT OKAY at all. Your

body needs healthy energy to burn calories anyway part from the health benefits and

essentials that we get in from veggies and fruit.

5. Juice Cleanses

The popular thing now is to flushes out toxins via a liquid diet. While this is important

to get rid of toxins in your body which will assist in weight loss… You want to do this

one smart. The problem with liquid detox diets is that it can have the effect of

weaken immune system and, potential muscle loss (you need lean muscle for weight

loss). A lot of the time, because of the restrictive nature of a liquid detox diet, it can

lead to bench eating after completion of the diet.

6. YouTube workouts.

Although this can be much fun and very convenient, make sure that the person that

you listening to is a certified fitness professional and not someone who experience

success in their own training habits, and passing it on. Training needs to be tailored

for specific needs and specific bodies. Your risk for injuries, forming imbalances in

your muscles (which can result in serious injuries), over or under training are just so

much higher in listening to people without knowledge besides their own bodies.

My conclusion is that we need to STOP listening to what everyone is doing and think

for ourselves and do some research before we join the masses.


In our quest for fitness and well-being, we must exercise caution and discernment. Blindly following trends or influencers without considering the science behind their claims can lead us down a perilous path. Instead, let's prioritize informed decision-making, backed by thorough research and understanding of our bodies' needs. By thinking critically and acting responsibly, we can steer clear of harmful fads and embrace sustainable, evidence-based practices that truly benefit our health and longevity. It's time to break free from the herd mentality and chart our own course toward wellness.

Stay Fit!

Annerita Maritz

Fitness Instructor

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