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Diet Reminders As You Take On The Feel Better Challenge 2.0


🥙Listen to your body!!!

🥙Do NOT over or under eat

🥙Rather eat frequent small meals then one or 2 big meals

🥙Breakfast is still the most important meal of your day

🥙Remember that healthy fats are very important but too much will make you fat

🥙Eat colorful


☕2 L water per day

☕Not more then 2 cups caffeine (include 5 🌹 tea)

☕No alcohol, juices, fizzy drinks or cool drink

☕Unlimited rooibos tea and green rooibos tea without sugar and milk

🍺TREAT drink once a week... what ever you like 😁


🚫pantry empty

💯fridge full ✅FRESH PRODUCTS✅

🥑Lots of green veggies (Unlimited)

🥑Dark purple fruit (2 portions per day)

🥑Avo and Coconut oil for hot temperature cooking, Olive for medium temperature

🥑Fish and Venison rather then other meat

🥑Brown rice, Quinoa

🥑100% Ray Bread

🥑Nuts and avo

🥑No gluten

🥑Steam, Cook, Bake and NOT fry

🥑Organic as far as possible

🥑Limit products coming out of a factory

🥑Limit products that has more then 3 ingredients on the label

🍕Treat meal once a week... what ever you want 😁

🍭SUGAR (The more you eat sugar, the more you crave it)

🍉2 Portions of fruit per day

🍉No artificial sugar

🍉No sweets, chocolates and chips

🍉No sauces (make your own with healthy ingredients) Yogurt is a very good substitute for cream

🍉No wheat flower (use almond or coconut flower)

🍩Have one treat per week, whatever you like 

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