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Why you cannot focus on the Cherry.

Our bodies changing with exercise is only the cherry on top. There are lots of ways

to get the cherry on top but to keep the cherry on top, there is only one way. In this

article, I’m going to focus on what we need to do under the cherry, so that the

cherry can stay on top.

I’m sure that no one aims to be in shape just for a couple of weeks and then to be out

of shape again. That is exactly what happens when we only focus on the cherry and

not what is supporting the cherry. That is when we go on all sorts of diets, fat

burners and hectic cardio sessions. Unfortunately, the result of this is that you have

the cherry for a couple of weeks, following by losing the cherry and lots of damage

to your metabolism, gaining more weight than before you started the process and

feeling depressed.

Good news is that you can have a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest

of your life which will support your cherry on top. My aim in life is to educate my

clients on how to do that and that every person going through my hand will feel

better afterwards.

Exercising of any sort is not an option anymore if you want a healthy life. Please

note that I’m not even talking about being in shape or looking good (the cherry), I’m

purely talking about a healthy lifestyle and feeling good. I’m talking about having

energy for everyday living, a stronger immune system, fresh oxygen to your brain,

stronger bone density, healthier intestines, younger internal age, sleeping better,

brining stress levels down, boosting your self-image by overcoming things you never

thought you can do. That is the most rewarding part of my job. Without any fail, my

clients (age 8 – age 75) at some point thought that what I’m asking them to do will

be impossible for them, and then they do it. The confidence that that victory brings

into their lives are so rewarding and priceless.

Another rewarding part of my job (there are so many), is to see how clients that

absolutely hate training and doing anything active, start falling in love with training.

And the benefits they gain from it to a point where they can’t go without it anymore.

I want you to know that being physical active in not an option anymore and that

there are MANY ways to be active. We strive to help you find a way that you will

enjoy and feel better.

The awesome part of VidaFit and our client’s training, is that we are there for you to

contact us. If you have any problems, questions, or requests, you can contact me

directly. Our programs are made to be fun, working your whole body and easy

doable for anyone. For me, there is no sense in getting my clients to their goals by

forcing them to do a type of training that they do not like. Luckily for us the physical

active lifestyle has so many different options that the word “I do not like training” is

not valid anymore. You only need to find the way that you will enjoy!

This will be our first layer of cake to support our cherry on top!

Annerita Maritz

Personal Trainer

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