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The 21 Day Challenge (COUPLES 2-Meals/day) ULTIMATE Health Kit is a unique and comprehensive package designed for couples looking to improve their health and wellness. What sets this package apart is its focus on nutrient density, ingredient diversity, and quality fiber for ultimate health and weight loss. Each Couples Kit includes two individual kits, providing 21 days of nutrition with 36 meals and 18 smoothies. Participants will enjoy two meals per day (lunch and dinner) along with the freedom to create their own breakfasts such as eggs, avocado, and tomato. Additionally, one health smoothie per day serves as a satisfying snack option. With six days of structured eating each week (Sunday being a free-eating day), participants can easily stick to the program while still enjoying some flexibility in their routine.

What makes this package unique?

  • COUPLES KIT (2 x individual kits)

    Two of the following kits:
  • 21-days of nutrition (36 meals, 18 smoothies)
  • 6-days/week (Sunday is a free-eating day)
  • 2 x meals/day (Lunch & Dinner)
    Create your own breakfast (e.g. Eggs, Avo, Tomato)
  • 1 x health smoothie/day (Snack)


Please note: The quantity and type of meals listed change on a daily basis based on availability. Your kit order may differ slightly.

Meat Meals - (72)

  •  4 x Boerie Crispy Bacon, Creamy Mash & Veg Medley 350g fc
  •  4 x Farmstyle Beef Bobotie, Yellow Rice, Peas & Carrots 350g fc
  •  4 x Sunday Roast Rosemary Chicken, Veg, Turmeric Rice 350g fc
  •  2 x Rosemary Chicken, Creamed Spinach (Keto Low-Carb) 350g fc
  •  4 x Boerie Breedie, Sweet Potato Bean Mash 350g fc
  •  4 x Beef Con Carne, Quinoa & Roasted Veggies 350g fc
  •  2 x Beef lasagne with Spinach Pasta 300g fc
  •  4 x Pesto-Napoli Chicken, Veg Medley & Quinoa Rice 350g fc
  •  4 x Mild Peri-Peri Chicken, Veg & Savoury Quinoa Rice 350g fc
  •  4 x Feta Olive Mediterranean Chicken & Quinoa Rice 350g fc
  •  4 x Grandmas Mild Mince Curry, Yellow Rice & Almonds 350g fc
  •  2 x Double Beef Bunless Burger, Crispy Bacon & Veg 350g fc
  •  4 x Green Thai Chicken, Roasted Veg & Quinoa Rice 350g fc
  •  4 x Butter Chicken, Veg Medley & Turmeric Rice Mix 350g fc
  •  2 x Chicken Cauli Au Gratin (Keto Low-Carb) 350g fc
  •  4 x Beef Cautage Pie, Roasted Cauli + Creamy Mash 350g fc
  •  4 x Spaghetti Bolognese - Wholewheat Pasta 300g fc
  •  4 x Mushroom Chicken, Veg & Savoury Quinoa Rice 350g fc
  •  4 x Chicken Cautage Pie, Roasted Cauliflower & Mash 350g fc
  •  4 x Beef Goulash, Roasted Red Pepper & Butternut 350g fc

Drinks - (36)

  •  4 x Fruit Salad Wholefood Smoothie 300ml
  •  8 x GAP - Beetroot Power Wholefood Smoothie 300ml
  •  4 x PB3 Smoothie - Peanut Butter Blueberry Banana 300ml
  •  20 x FGS- Fruity Green Wholefood Smoothie 300ml

21-Day Challenge (COUPLES 2-Meals/day) ULTIMATE Health Kit

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