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Contentment doesn’t have numbers.

Have you ever come across a better mood controller then a scale?? It is just

unbelievable for me how much power that block on the floor where you put your

naked feet on can have on a person. Depending on the result on the little block

above your toes, you will have a fantastic day, or your day is completely ruined. If

there was only medication as powerful as a scale…

We all know this, yet most of my clients are addicted to the block on their bathroom

floor. After the results are known, the confusion starts… What did I pick up or lose?

Is it water, is it muscle or fat? Suddenly, all your clothes fall in line with what the

scale said. Everything feels tighter or looser (which by the way, you did not notice

before you got on the scale).

In that way, we allow a lot of things around us to determine if we are happy with

ourselves or not.

The other big evil is reaching your goal weight just to move your goal weight a little

bit further. With the result that we are just never content. We are never just happy

and celebrating our bodies. Do not think that you will find contentment the moment

you reach your goal. Contentment is not in a goal reached, it’s a mind shift within


That is what I want to talk to you about today. There is magic in finding

contentment in the moment and in life today. That does not mean that I’m not

working on my goals and not setting new goals. It means that I’m okay where I am

right now, knowingly that I’m working on myself. It is okay that you are where you

are, it is okay if you missed goals and are not where you want to be.

Take a big breath, know that your worth has nothing to do with who you are, what

you have done or how you look. Know that you need to be kind to yourself, except

yourself and from that point on, you can work on yourself.

That way you will also bring your stress levels down which helps a lot with weight


Be kind to yourself, breath and know it is okay to be where you are. Except yourself

and from that point of contentment, go and reach your goal.

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