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Introduction to the Body Coach Program

Body Coach sessions are the Golden Success Secret VidaFit uses to assist clients in FEELING


We coach individuals and groups to adopt new lifestyles and habits to live a healthy, energised and happy life by combining 3 concepts:

• Think Right

• Eat Right

• Move Right

✅ We don’t encourage diets, but a healthy eating lifestyle.

✅ We don’t promote extreme exercise contracts, but the correct movement.

✅ We FOCUS on the right combination of physical movement, a healthy balanced diet and emotional well-being.

This is how we are going to assist you to FEEL BETTER...

Our sessions consist of the following:

• Each session is based on your OWN goals, achievements and needs

• We assist you in creating a lifestyle where you will FEEL BETTER

• We work with YOU on small, realistic and achievable goals

• We assist YOU with plans when you struggle to reach your goals

• We create a community where you would feel at HOME and COMFORTABLE

• We want to help YOU to achieve control of your mind, body and life once and for all

• We want to assist you to create more time for everything that is meaningful to your life

Some of the topics we will cover in our sessions:

• Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

• Basic nutrition principles

• Food groups

• How to speed up metabolism

• Cutting down sugar

• Practical tips for movement routine

• Positive thinking

• Emotional wellness & body image

• NLP techniques

When setting your goal it is important that your goal is SMART, which stands for:

Specific – What do you want to achieve?

Measurable – How will you know when you’ve reached it?

Achievable – Is it in your power to accomplish it?

Realistic – Can you realistically achieve it?

Time-bound – When exactly do you want to accomplish it?

• If the goal is too big, break it down

• If you reach your goal, you will continue with the same goal every week until it becomes a

habit and come up with another goal for the week

• Choose a reward for each goal reached, it motivates you (not a giant slab of chocolate )

You will start a journal (it is only needed until you have created your habits)

• Choose a classic journal way, digitally on a chosen app, to-do list, take photos of what you


• Record your feelings and emotions

• Include eating times and what you eat

• Record your water intake

• Use your journal to help you achieve health and wellness goals

At the start of this program, take measurements, weight, photos or anything you can use for a comparison in the near future (this is for you only).

In each session, we will discuss your progress. This is a group session and you are welcome to share it with everyone or if you feel more comfortable to observe it is perfectly fine. You can message me the progress on your goals privately if you prefer to do so. This is a safe place and it is essential that you feel comfortable.

Think of me as your best friend with good advice. I'm here to take your hand and support you on your own journey. You determine with what we will improve your lifestyle and in which time frame you would like to succeed.

Your Body Coach,

Zuzana Imrichova

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